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At Icon The Cookery School we take local food lovers on an ultimate gastronomic adventure in cookery workshops.

Our school teaches practical, fun, entertaining, informative & interactive cookery classes to anyone from the complete novice to the true foodie.

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"If you enjoy delicious, creative, healthy cooked food & eating in a friendly & fun environment then Icon The Cookery School is for you."

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Back to Basics

Duration: Allow 3 hours

This is a hands on learning class which focuses on the basics used in the kitchen but you will be amazed at the creations you will produce and how pro...

International cuisineInternational cuisine

Spanish Tapas

Duration: Allow 3 hours

There is no doubting the popularity of Spanish Tapas today. These delicious morsels are an essential part of entertaining and traditionally served whi...

International cuisineInternational cuisine

Vietnamese Street Food

Duration: Allow 3 hours

Come and explore and enjoy the wonderful flavours & the excitement that is Vietnamese street food. These are dishes you will treasure and cook tim...

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Are you company ready?

Corporate Cooking Classes Are a Great Way to Motivate Your Staff While Having Fun

Bring your employees together in cooking classes to build and develop their skills in communication, leadership, adaptability and teamwork.  They’ll create more than a great dish in the kitchen.  At Icon The Cookery School, Corporate cooking classes are facilitated in a relaxed, informal environment that fosters collaboration and the natural development of positive connections between your staff.  At the conclusion of the cooking and team building session we bring your employees together to enjoy their culinary creations around the table in our equisite dining room with a glass of wine or beer.  Staff will come back to work with a high level of morale and feel more positive about you, their employer!


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