February 15 2017

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CBD Robina visited our Cocktail Creations Masterclass on the 2nd February 2017. Here’s what they had to say;

“Having previously enjoyed the parent/child cooking workshop I attended at the Icon: The Cookery School, I was very much looking forward to the more adult cocktail creation masterclass.

Let’s just say I wasn’t disappointed.

The masterclass is 1.5 hours long and may include the following cocktails: Expresso Martini, Cosmopolitan, Mai Tai, Blue Hawaiian, Margarita.

Our instructor, Simon was knowledgeable, engaging and entertaining. He demonstrated three cocktails which included two of my absolute all-time favourites;

  • Cosmopolitan
  • Blended Margarita
  • Blue Hawaiian

I had chosen the workshop because I have an interest in mixology and have found that so far, my own cocktail making is quite hit and miss. There were 7 attendees, 3 couples and myself. Except for me every one else including Simon originated from the UK, now living on the GC.

Simon is very experienced in the art of mixology and quite a perfectionist when it comes to mixing the perfect drink. It is an art form and he was very willing to pass on his best tips garnered from his years behind the bar. He taught us not just how to mix and shake drinks but also some history about alcohol and what the different pieces of equipment required are used for.

The secrets for mixing drinks include how to make layered drinks that stay separate, how to tell when shaking in a cocktail shaker that it is ready and how to ensure the drink is really cold. When to use a straw (hint: only when there is ice in the glass), the best ingredients for mixers and how to make a blue Hawaiian blue instead of green. Also, why you shouldn’t drink beer in a bottle, always a glass. How to source the best ingredients and where on the Gold Coast to buy the essential tools of the trade and the role of ice in various drinks. He also taught us the correct glasses to use depending on the drink, i.e. when to use a short glass and when a tall glass.

Canapes were served for us to munch on during the class and also to enjoy with the perfect drinks we made at the end. We had a little taste of each drink he made and at the end the chance to choose one and make it ourselves. We received a hard copy of all the drinks Simon made and Simon also slipped me (and everyone else) a copy of his perfect Mai Tai recipe which I will definitely be having a go at making very soon.

Not only did I learn how to mix the perfect cocktail and why most people fail (because they deviate from the recipe), but I also got to meet a really great group of fellow attendees. Not just educational, it is an enjoyable social class too.

I am convinced that now I can take my cocktail making to the next level.

The Icon: The Cookery School run a number of masterclasses of which cocktail creation is one of them as well as longer workshops.”


To visit CBD Robina please click on this link

I am convinced that now I can take my cocktail making to the next level.

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