Local Fish Cookery

Local Fish Cookery

Discover the tips and tricks on how to prepare and cook your fresh fish catch at our Local Fish Cookery masterclass!

$139.00 per person

Do you find preparing and cooking fresh fish a daunting task?


Cooking a whole fish can be intimidating but when you are armed with the tips from our Local Fish Cookery masterclass you’ll be cooking up a fresh fish supper at home in no time!

In this class you’ll learn about the different techniques to preparing and storing your fresh catch, in which you will gain an insight into the tips and tricks of scaling, filleting, pin-boning, storing and freezing/defrosting as well as all the essentials about knives and cooking utensils that are used when working with fish.

Plus, you’ll also get hands-on in the kitchen to master various ways of cooking your fish, such as pan frying, baking, marinating and raw cooking, and which sauces and accompaniments to serve.


This class is suitable for 16 years and over. If younger than 16 years, please contact us to discuss an appropriate class.

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What to Bring

Please ensure that you are wearing enclosed shoes and comfortable clothing, with long hair tied back.


Dietary Requirements

If you have any dietary requirements or concerns, please contact us before placing your booking so we can discuss if this class will be suitable.

Please Note

A minimum total number of 3 participants is required for this workshop to commence. If cancelled, we will contact you to re-book you into another class or offer a refund.