Soups & Sauces

Soups & Sauces

Ditch the jar sauce and powdered soups, our Soups & Sauces workshop is where its at!

$105.00 per person

Say no to jar sauce and canned or powdered soups, and discover how easy it is to make simple, healthy, and delicious homemade sauces, condiments, and soups at our Soups & Sauces workshop!


Join our chefs in the Icon kitchen as they take you on a culinary journey into the world of sauces. Not only will you observe our chefs as they demonstrate how to perfect some of the fundamental ‘mother sauces’ of classical cuisine, but you’ll also get hands-on in creating a few yourself!


Our chefs will also demonstrate perfect food parings for your freshly made sauces, which you can easily recreate at home.


Let’s not forget this class is not just about the sauces, you’ll also master the flavour-boosting techniques to some of your favourite nourishing and hearty soups. Armed with a pre-made stock, you’ll prepare and cook a soup using seasonal vegetables and ingredients, which you can remake at home as a quick comfort mid-day meal or dinner party starter. Then kick back, relax, and slurp away as you enjoy your freshly made soup in our dining room.


This Soups & Sauces workshop is the perfect opportunity to equip yourself with a few staple recipes to keep up your sleeve and whip out for easy family dinners.


This class is suitable for 16 years and over. If younger than 16 years, please contact us to discuss an appropriate class.

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What to Bring

Please ensure that you are wearing enclosed shoes and comfortable clothing, with long hair tied back. Aprons will be provided.


Dietary Requirements

If you have any dietary requirements or concerns, please contact us before placing your booking so we can discuss if this class will be suitable.

Please Note

A minimum total number of 5 participants are required for this workshop to commence. If cancelled, we will contact you to re-book you into another available class or offer a store credit.